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Amy Lo

SS Yim

Wing Li

Handi was established in Hong Kong in 1999. Handi’s pursuit of quality is a belief that the quality of our surroundings directly influences the quality of our lives. The social dimension of architecture, which is generated by the needs of people, is acknowledged. Such quest for quality also embraces the physical performance of buildings, which succeeds to endure under the test of time. 

Handi also believes that architecture can be a form taken to fulfill the self-actualization needs of different participants or contributors of the projects, ranging from the architects to the colleagues of Handi, or even the users. Handi wishes to contribute in another social dimension by providing some encouragement & gratification, which are particularly significant to most of the firm’s participants who, to a different extent, get a deficiency in certain different physical realms. 

Handi takes the best from different disciplines and aims to fuse different realms of knowledge effortlessly. The practice has no recipes, working with the client, program, and all the other project parameters to crossover and develop a unique but above all an appropriate solution that is fun and a pleasure to experience. 

Handi’s core concern is design excellence, achieved through active collaboration with clients and specialists, engineers, and consultants. Cost management is of prime importance – all projects have been built within their respective budgets. The quality of a project is not necessarily related to how much it costs, but rather how wisely the resources of time and money are spent. 

Colour, materials, technology, and wit are all key elements of Handi’s works. Handi continuously searches for new approaches, which embody the moment and appropriate to needs. In providing comprehensive services from initial research and land assessment through design and construction, to interior design, and final inspection and post-construction follow-up, Handi is in a position to meet both the client’s needs and the project's requirements.

The HKIA Award (Residential) received in 2010 further reinforces Handi’s belief that the quality of architecture accentuates the pleasure of living. It also demonstrated that users’ needs and architectural excellence can, after all, work hand in hand. With the encouragement of this award, Handi will continue on their mission by maintaining their young, refreshing, and energetic momentum, and delivering projects with passion and true quality.

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