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77 Peak Road, The Peak

Sited at the traditionally prestigious neighborhood in the Peak area of Hong Kong dated back in colonial days, the project explores the idea of “luxury” in residential with spatial quality, humane proportion, elegance in architectural details articulation, sympathy to the surrounding landscape.

The project encompasses 8 individual houses in an integrated design setting in the development. Siting of the 8 houses on a series of platforms responds and fits well with the Peak area's natural terrain. Levels of the slope are optimized for exclusive access to the two houses at higher levels. Tree clusters on site are preserved and integrated with natural landscape design, which becomes a valuable asset as natural greenery screen for privacy as well as the signature at the entranceway of the premises. The natural breezeways are carefully planned, which further elevate the living pleasure with bonding with nature.

Responsive to the site planning and orientation, fenestration designs are sympathetic to the breeze and keep the house well ventilated, particularly in the local climate. Generous sliding doors at family rooms or bedrooms also open up to spacious flat roofs or balconies that invite natural light and breeze and integrate outdoor nature to indoor space. 

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