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The HKFYG Youth Hostel PH2

Sited at land strip adjacent to the railway in the suburb town of Taipo, the project attempts to explore the modern subsidized hostel housing of co-living for youngsters in Hong Kong. The Project was the first completed project under the pilot Youth Hostel Scheme of the Government. It aims to create an enabling residential community for working young people aged between 18 and 30, nurturing competencies in life skills, social networking, and financial planning.


The project encompasses a high-rise of 16 hostel stories over a podium with 3 levels of Youth Activity Centre and Communal Facilities. The careful juxtaposition of simple pure built-forms composes a place of modern chic which expresses its presence in the skyline of Taipo Suburb and long the rail line traveling alongside.

Staggering of built-forms creates series of roof terraces on podium on different frontages for the enjoyment of outdoor sunlight and breeze and spilling out of activities to open-air for communal facilities. 

With railway noise being the prime challenge, the orientation of the hostel rooms is carefully designed with ventilating windows being away from the rail. Fenestration design will strike the balance between capturing distant views and natural landscape and minimizing the railway noise of immediate adjacency. 

Spatial quality is not forsaken for the five nos. of hostel rooms, despite the small size of average around 20 s.m. on each floor, which both embrace the generous natural daylight, view of Taipo city as well as the undulating mountain view in the countryside at a distance. 

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