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31 Argyle Street

Sited at the street corner of Mongkok area, namely one of the most densely populated districts in Hong Kong, the project explores the modern urban living with spatial quality, stylishness in architectural details articulation, sympathy to the compact context in the metropolitan. The Mongkok area has been historically an urban hub with vibrancy and versatility, with the combination of different kinds of trade as well as the living.

The project encompasses a high-rise of 17 residential stories over a podium with 3 levels of retail shops at the bottom. The garden on the podium roof is integrated with the residents’ lounge which creates a piece of secret oasis in the midst of urban density.

Fenestration design, being responsive to the urban context, has been weaved in with vertical fins of transforming width and angle. These fins provide screening at lower levels to scale down the overlooking to opposite premises and gradually open up towards higher levels to capture distant views and light. 

Color of the signature fins embraces the vibrancy and richness of the urban context of Mongkok area, which both build up a sense of uniqueness and integrates with the setting.

Spatial quality is not forsaken for 2 units, of only 14s.m. and 20s.m., on each floor which both embrace the generous natural daylight and views of the city. Intense attention to articulation to details, with a sensible touch of care and coziness, complement the need in small living space in modern urban living.

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